Iron Hydroxide Based (Granules)

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FERROLOX® (IRON HYDROXIDE BASED GRANULES) is one of the best Adsorber to load major worst contaminants in drinking water treatment with high capacity and also because of its chemical activity, ferric (III) hydroxide is quite appropriate to bind arsenate, phosphate or sulfide ions in aqueous media.

Using a patented process, ferric hydroxide can now be produced in a granular form. Various bead diameters can be made by combination of crushing and sieving procedures. This gives access to a great variety of new applications of Ferric (III) hydroxide.

  • Ferrolox adsorbent can
  • Eliminate all Ion-Exchange systems without any
  • Regeneration and waste products from
  • Reverse osmosis concentrates, it is the
  • Only solution to adsorb and
  • Load six worst contaminants in
  • Our drinking water problem having
  • XXL capacity



Removal of





Hydrogen Sulfide

Selenium (IV & VI)






The Filter media, containing iron hydroxide Fe(OH)3 has an amorphous structure. The ferric ions content in the filtering media is about 40% by weigh. Because of its chemical activity, Ferric (III) hydroxide is quite appropriate to bind arsenate, phosphate or sulfide ions in aqueous media. Due to internal high pH of media it has an additional effect of the reaction with H2S and can reach oxidation capacity up to 20% by its dry weight. Hydrogen Sulfide is a colorless gas with an offensive stench and is said to smell like rotten eggs. The gas can be detected at a level of 2 parts per billion. It is very errosive in a wet state and become Sox when it is oxidized.

Best Features

• Very Compact Design
• Easy to use
• Disposal of Spend Media



Arsenic removal

What is the significance of Arsenic speciation?

As (V) is more effectively removed by FERROLOX than As (III) but this is the case by most of the Adsorbents. Arsenic Occurrence Most of the surface waters as they get enough oxygen the Arsenic is Predominantly As (V) Lack of oxygen in Ground waters are usually found with As (III). But some times they can be as As (V) or a combination of both As (III) and As (V). Know More...


H2S removal of gas

General Information FERROLOX® - G

FERROLOX® - G is a iron hydroxide based, pelletized gas purification compound. It is particularly effective at removing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) from gas-producing installations (i.e. digesters, landfills). It is optimally shaped and highly porous, thus ensuring maximum loading capacity at low costs. The pelletized gas purification compound FERROLOX® - G is a highly effective absorption compound used in both, moving and fixed-bed vessels. Know More...


Phosphate removal

FERROLOX®, a patented granular Ferric

FERROLOX®, a patented granular Ferric Hydroxide is the most efficient and cost effective media in phosphate removal from water. pH level and the concentration has strong effect on the adsorption capacity of IRON HYDROXIDE. The unique adsorption properties of FERROLOX® adsorbent can achieve a residual phosphate concentration of less than 0.05 mg/l as PO4 (< 20 µg/l as P5+) which is acceptable by all regulations. It is very important to reuse FERROLOX® in order to reduce costs. This is may be one of the biggest advantages to use FERROLOX® media instead of IonExchange or Membranes to remove phosphates. Know More...


Copper removal

Heavy Metals residuals has become a big issue

Heavy Metals residuals has become a big issue and great concern for worldwide cooling waters and cooling water blow-down in all industrial manufacturers and utilities. One of the very major concern in COPPER, which can be released as a result of metals in the feed water as well as corrosion in cooling tower systems. These system components are Pumps, Condenser coils, Heat exchangers, all surfaces and many more reasons. It is also contained in biocides such as isothiazolin. May be residuals of Heavy Metals and Copper in feed water are low but they have very highly concentrated by cycling the cooling tower water. Know More...





Packing Data


Drum(s) on a Dimension (L x W x H) Shipping Weight
pallet (cm) (Total Gross Weight)
1 60 x 40 x 80 45 kg (60 liters)
6 120 x 80 x 80 271 kg (6 x 60 liters)
9 115 x 115 x 80 394 kg (9 x 60 liters)
18 115 x 115 x 145 763 kg (18 x 60 liters)

Technical Data


Material Properties
Chemical formula and composition Amorphous Fe(OH)3
Mineralogical composition Up to 40% of Ferric Ions from its dry weight
Physical properties
Bulk weight 640 kg/m3
Specific surface 270 m2/g
Porosity minimum 70%
Humidity ~ 10%
Fe(OH)3 content minimum 75%
Color dark brown
Mesh size 0.5 - 2.0 mm



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