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Ab Montag 08.04.2019 wird die neue Homepage der Watch GmbH online gehen. ist für Kunden aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum, übersichtlicher, attraktiver und vor allem in deutscher Sprache“, beschreibt das Rebecca Chopra kurz und knapp.

Die Firma Watch GmbH, Hersteller von hochwertigen Filter- und Adsorbtionsmedien sowie Desinfektions- und Dosierlösungen beliefert Wasseraufbereitungsfirmen über Rebecca Filter der Spezialist für Fachlösungen in der Wasseraufbereitungsindustrie.

Nun können Kunden und Interessenten auf Produktbroschüren, Referenzen und News über Branchenpartner weltweit in deutscher Sprache zugreifen. Zuvor war dies nur in Englisch möglich.

Die Watch GmbH sieht großes Potential im deutschsprachigen Raum und freut sich auf neue Kunden aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz.




We don’t know of one water treatment company in the entire world that adds magnesium to the water, but we know every water softener in the world is adding sodium into drinking water. Every health officials are warning that there is a dark underside to the wonders of softened water. Softened water has none of the minerals naturally found in ground water, tap water, minerals that humans require for energy, growth, development and especially calcium and magnesium.

The Ministry of Health estimated in 2020 that approximately 300 million deaths each year could be attributed to low levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Watch Water® organization are worried about the impact of absence of minerals on children’s development, referring to the studies that furiously link mineral deficiencies to higher level of world health problem’s

“We’re talking about children whose mental capacity is being impacted by this high sodium water and nothing is being done” it is a situation that is so bizarre, it is almost unbelievable.

The world is drinking desalinated water from reverse osmosis and every house is equipment with water softener without knowing that both waters are acidic and corrosive to water pipes overtime. The acidity and corrosiveness lead to leakages of Lead and Copper which can cause serious health problems. Salt based water softeners waste tremendous amount of water per year and gives huge impact on waste water treatment plants. Watch Water® strives to change that with our saltless water softeners.

“Saltless water softener is on level of god” it’s one of the best solutions in water treatment industry for preventing every home and building from scale and corrosion. Having MgO beads as post filter adds magnesium to all water and ensure that the entire world’s population get the needed magnesium. Watch Water® saltless water softener keeps healthy minerals without adding any chemicals to your water.

Which is very Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective and required No Maintenance. Therefore, your return on investment is substantially increase and your community does not have to bear the cost for salt brine discharge into the water system.

Supporting the community is the foundation to our mission at Watch Water®

Watch Water® major mission is protecting the environment and changing softener industry in 2019.

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Latest news of Hanoi, Vietnam
Hanoi city continue it’s cooperation with Watch Water Germany to treat pollution in rivers and lakes of Hanoi by using REDOXY-3C

To deal with water pollution in Hanoi, the Hanoi Committee has applied REDOXY-3C advanced technology to clean the lake water in the area. After treatment the results show that, it has completely disappeared the organic pollution and effectively limits eutrophication. Tons of REDOXY-3C is used in Hanoi to treat the pollution of lakes and rivers and best results have been reported after using REDOXY-3C in polluted lakes in Hanoi. The city continues to replicate this model to all other ponds and lakes in the city.

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TAKE THE PLEDGE : Watch Water® develops new technology to clean and purify water using

A new German Technology that uses High Grade carbon and a photocatalyst to turn polluted water into safe drinking water.


The new Carbonblock is called Carbonblock–TS (III) “Photocatalytic Water Purification” has the unique ability to regenerate itself under ultraviolet light from sunlight.

Watch Water® Germany, is constantly developing new technologies and are determine to lower cost and maintenance requirement for water purification systems. The aim is to make these new technologies affordable and available worldwide.

Around 60 percent of the world population relies on ground water, which is exposed to different types of pollution, from Agrochemical, Heavy metals such as Arsenic, Lead, Selenium, Copper, Chromium (VI), Cadmium and many other contaminants.

These contaminations has to be seen as a societal problem and causes harmful health problems to as many as 3 billion people.


Pledge Not to Drink Bottled Water where Carbonblock–TS (III) is available for Tap Water


Carbonblock TS is now also available with 3 different specifications
Carbonblock–TS (III)
Carbonblock–TS (V)
Carbonblock–TS (X)



Only Scaletrapp provides the water with Magnesium and Calcium from any Hard Water at home, buildings schools and universities or in any commercial applications.


Watch Water® have found a way to clean particles from contaminated water by mixing Filtersorb SPA/MGO. Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas changes the water chemistry which causes particles to move from one side of the water depending on their chemical charge. By taking advantage of the motion, Watch Water® can split, hardwater a stream and Filter-out-suspended particles like CaCO3 and CO2.

Filtersorb SP3 (S) Produces Cleaner Water with
No Energy and No Chemicals


This is the same Technology (CO2) that adds fizz to soda and can now be used to remove particles and at the same time add magnesium in water, coffee, food and any drinks made from ScaleTrapp water.

Watch Water® at Mannheim Germany have introduced a technology for using Carbon dioxide in a low-cost water treatment system that eliminates the need for very costly and complex filter’s. Read More >




CORRTRAPP: No Phosphorus Corrosion Inhibitor
developed by Watch Water® Germany


Watch Water® with it's continuous commitment for sustainable treatments has developed CORRTRAPP technology, which is an Innovative new Hydroxide (OH-) molecule that provides corrosion inhibition and passivation for every water system with a very special focus on treatments where NO P-(Phosphorus) and 100% biodegradability is a must. CORRTRAPP is 100% Biodegradable.

CORRTRAPP has better performance as compared to all traditional corrosion inhibitors. All corrosion inhibitors are known for their low biodegradability or their contribution to Eutrophication. CORRTRAPP does not contain any Phosphonates, Phosphates and Acrylates.

CORRTRAPP is developed and produced exclusively by Watch Water Europe.



Watch Water® Announces Breakthrough in


Watch Water® unique scale-prevention technology utilizes a proprietary, Partial Desalination system to remove Temporary Hardness based on dissolved Calcium and Magnesium bicarbonates that form scale in drinking and industrial water systems. In second addition to Temporary Hardness. FILTERSORB 100 is available to remove Permanent Hardness based on Silicates, Sulphates and at the same time with other benefits to remove Lead, Copper and CO2 from water.

Unlike all other Scale prevention and Anti-scale systems in the market, Watch Water's® unique FILTERSORB 100 combines the best of both world by reducing Scale, Corrosion and removing Toxic metals at the same time.

Watch Water® FILTERSORB 100 Technology is expected to offer 100% superior scale-prevention performance at a price that makes the technology affordable to a much larger market than traditional scale prevention or Antiscalant methods. The system can be sized from POU, POE for all residential, commercial and large industrial applications.

This technology is simpler and more cost-effective than other scale prevention systems, where control valves are being used.

Our vision to be the No.1 in Scale Prevention has became true. This new technology will be the No.1 to reduce the amount of water that’s wasted by water softeners. Watch Water® is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of water treatment products as well as a manufacturer of wastewater products. For more information please visit

Note :
Watch Water® has a network of 45 branches and wholesale distributors that carry full line of our innovative products. This gives all water treatment companies the opportunity to easily access our innovative products. Watch Water® is proud Member of Water Quality Association and sell products which are Certified to NSF/ANSI-60, 61 or 372.



Hanoi 'rescues' 130 contaminated lakes with exclusive product REDOXY-3C


Hanoi Water Drainage and Sewerage Co Ltd thanks to Watch Water®, Germany’s advanced product REDOXY-3C in Conference held on March 6, 2018 (Hanoi, Vietnam) for its remarkable result.

Kinhtedothi – March 6/2018, HANOI WATER DRAINAGE AND SEWERAGE Co., reviewed the treatment and maintenance of the water quality of the lakes in the city with Watch Water® product REDOXY-3C after one year of implementation.

After a year of using REDOXY-3C to rescue the polluted lakes in Hanoi

Mr. Phan Minh Hoai- (Deputy General Director of the Hanoi) water drainage company said, after testing the product in 3 Lakes (Giap Bat, Pit, Ba Mau) on April 8/2016 with Watch Water®, Germany’s product REDOXY-3C has been applied in the treatment of water quality in lakes according to the approved process. Up to now, it has been handling 86 outdoor, 44 sub-urban Lakes with REDOXY-3C.

Hanoi Water Drainage and Sewerage Co Ltd Conference on March 6, 2018. Hanoi, Vietnam

Before treatment, the water of polluted lakes was black or dark green in colour, bad smell, organic pollution and Coliform criteria exceeded the allowable multiple times. In mid-2016, Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung invited a company “WATCH WATER GmbH” from Germany to Hanoi to study and produce inoculants to clean the lake water in the capital. In July, REDOXY-3C was introduced and the President of Hanoi assigned it to the Drainage Company for testing.

After using REDOXY-3C, water quality has been improved. The water quality after treatment according to the monitoring data has been maintained stable within the maximum allowable limit of the surface water standard. The water of the lake no longer has unpleasant smell, no organic pollution, eutrophication. "The technology of treating the water with this product does not affect the aquatic ecosystem (algae and zooplankton), while the content of organic matter after treatment tends to increase," said the company.

REDOXY-3C granular powder to sprinkle or spray into the lake pollution. This formulation will result in alkaline pH, TSS, BOD, COD and coliform concentrations in lakes, the hydrolysis parameters do not exceed the threshold, will develop the species of aquatic life and growth.

Watch Water®, Germany’s product REDOXY-3C is used in a series of lakes in Hanoi a year ago have shown best results and Hanoi People's Committee also proposed to use this advanced technology product in rest of the lakes

At the conference (Hanoi, Vietnam) held on March 6, 2018, scientists all over the way from the city, Dr. Tran Hieu Nhue (Water Supply and Drainage) added that compared to previous methods, the advanced REDOXY-3C effects and results are much clearer and tremendous.

Previously, Hanoi has applied many technologies for treating pollution such as: biochemistry, Biological combinations of precipitation but these methods are not effective and complex with much time-consumption.

Through many exchanges, selected, Hanoi has decided to put REDOXY-3C into testing at the Center for Environmental Testing. Results showed that REDOXY-3C is an environmental friendly product, which results in fast processing within 24 hours with just one step.

"The results from the lab are very positive. It is important to pay attention to ensure proper process and good management after treatment to not re-pollution/contaminate, "said Prof. Tran Hieu Nhue.

Treatment of lake pollution in Chuong My district with REDOXY-3C preparation

According to monitoring results of Hanoi Drainage and Sewerage Company, there are 120/122 inner lakes, 140/150 lakes outside of Hanoi are contaminated water surface and most of the lakes in the central district have been thoroughly treated using REDOXY-3C.

As the product has proven with its remarkable results with all the beneficial advantages in the lakes of Hanoi (Vietnam), Water and Environmental experts also proposed to use this advanced technology product in the rest of the sub-urban (96 lakes).

The scientists also suggested the implementation of the cleaning of the lake with Watch Water®, Germany’s advanced product REDOXY-3C into scientific works with sufficient process and experience.



100 Proven Benefits of “Magnesium Water” For Your Body


New SPECIAL MAGIC FILTER effectively generates Magnesium-in-water
Watch Water knows why our Special Magic Water Filter will become a Special Choice for providing safe and healthy drinking water for the mankind around the world. People know about the disadvantages of drinking Lousy and most unhealthy water from Water Softeners and Reverse Osmosis that either contains contaminants such as Sodium or no minerals like Calcium and Magnesium which are essential for our body.

For all “Health Conscious People Around The World” Watch Water introduces a simple and very “SPECIAL MAGIC FILTER” Magnesium-in-Cartridge Filter that can provide them with Magnesium-Enriched water for Entire Family and maintaining good health and vitality.

People all around the world know that drinking soft-water or Reverse Osmosis water is not “Good For Their Health” and they have to install our Magnesium-in-Cartridge Filter.

The Best-The Safest-The Healthiest alternative to hydrate our body with Pure Magnesium in Drinking and Cooking Water. In all the Medical Journals, the benefits of Drinking Magnesium Rich water have been published in the recent times.

Click: for detailed description.

Watch Water offers the Magic…

Magnesium-in-Cartridge Filter for people to get Magnesium-in-Water that can improve the blood circulation and also improve the blood pH from Acidic to Alkaline.


Magnesium deficiency = (Magnesium wasting disease)
Magnesium deficiency is associated with almost every disease. Few Examples are heart disease, diabetes, depression, cardiac arrhythmias, atherosderosis and all types of cancer.

In writing this news, it is our sincere hope that it would bring knowledge of the importance of SPECIAL MAGIC FILTER to both categories of people.

1. Having Water Softeners
2. Having RO systems

And any person who has magnesium deficiency.

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New One-Step Nitrotrapp Media Removes Nitrates from Water and change them into fertilizer.


A simple, one-step Nitrotrapp could help yield cleaner drinking water without nitrates.
Watch Water Germany introduce Trap Technology Enabled Water Treatment (TEWT) media made from unique beads which can Remove Toxic Nitrates and converting them to very precious fertilizer.

Trapped Nitrates while regenerated with magnesium chloride and used as fertilizer can boost plant growth by treating water with high Nitrate with Nitrotrapp. Bringing clean Drinking water to millions of people and food for plant’s and we call this “Regenerative Agriculture” “Humanity can benefit” People from around the world like clean water in their reservoirs. Therefore, only we can manage the waste correctly and we have the right media.

The ultimate aim of the Watch Water Company is to develop domestic water purification systems that will deliver cheaper and more widely available, nitrate free drinking water to millions of people around the world

“Nitrates are molecules that have one nitrogen atom and three oxygen atoms. nitrate turn into nitrites if they lose an electron (oxygen), but nitrites are even more toxic than nitrates, so you don’t want to stop with Nitrites. Moreover, nitrates are the more prevalent problem.

Ultimately, the best way to remove Nitrates is Trapping process that holds them completely and cannot be released as Nitrites, in our technology we add just a little Magnesium, so we are really turning Nitrates into fertilizer and water. All studies have shown that Magnesium deficiency is because of the lack of Magnesium in food and water in all communities around the world. Wells are polluted with Nitrates, all lakes are polluted with high amount of Ammonia and Nitrates. That means pretreating drinking water with Nitrotrapp media is most suitable solution, which trap and remove Nitrates without any waste. Thanks to TEWT, which is all about Trapping Pollutants. “Reducing Water pollution with Trappsorb”. Manufacturers currently make fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and other industrial chemicals by pulling nitrogen from the air and combines it with Hydrogen (NH4). But atmosphere nitrogen is hard to use because it locked into the pairs of atoms, called N2 and the bond between these two atoms is the second strongest in nature. Therefore, it takes a lot of energy to split N2 molecules and allow the nitrogen and hydrogen atoms to combine. Manufacturing fertilizer represents about 5% of the world’s energy use each year.

NitroTrapp “Is different method of making fertilizer” instead of using energy, we are using Magnesium. The concentrated Nitrates in Regeneration Process effectively boosts Food Production. Watch Water Team is confident in its application and have solved the problem. Nitrogen-Splitting-Problem and our Next step would be adding Magnesium in water for health and this will be big-bang in drinking water industry.

Revolutionary Magic Coming Soon



Mannheim Germany October 8th, 2017 Watch Water Technology GmbH Introducing Revolutionary


Trappsorb®Adsorber for Reducing Silica, Phosphate, Ammonia and Heavy Metal’s from Water and Wastewater. Watch Water Promises your water will look much cleaner, brighter and feel softer just in seconds. Another Promise it will be the best tasting water in the world. It’s not just a Adsorber it is a

“Good Health Media”

Trappsorb® adsorber specifically designed for potable water treatment. Trappsorb® is certified to NSF/ANSI-61 by WQA to conform to the requirement for Drinking Water Medias Health Effects under the Categories of Mineral Adjustment after Reverse Osmosis, Softener and deionized water. Trappsorb® in Water Treatment is a Revolution to adsorb Silica, Phosphates, Ammonia and Heavy Metals. Helps prevent silica and calcium phosphate scale formation in Boilers, Heat exchanger and city and housing piping’s. An excellent pH modifier and heavy metal scavenger in contaminated waters. The Metals Trapped by Adsorber include Copper, Nickel, Zink and Fluorides. Effluent concentration of the treated Metals are always less than 0.2 mg/lit. The Trappsorb® operates by the principle of Ion-Exchange but without any Chemical Regeneration

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February 2nd, 2017: "Great news for WATCH Water® customers in the USA"

WATCH Water® News...Great news for WATCH Water® customers in the USA


The time has come for WATCH Water® to be the First American Company to manufacture their Advanced Next Generation Filter media, Adsorbers and Advanced Oxidation products’ in the USA. This is the foundation and building blocks to solve America’s water problems.

It means we will work together with our partners in the USA to manufacture our products.WATCH Water’s goal for the end of this year will be to supply our products which will be “Made in USA”.We will be investing in a new factory and infrastructure to produce drinking water treatment media, destroy pollutants, advance treatment products to remove contaminants and pathogens, develop Green chemistry for cooling towers, and boilers.During this process we will promote the best available science and technology to water treatment industries.

Now the recent water quality issues in Flint, Michigan lead “Increasing amount of Iron and Lead leaching into the water”. Iron in drinking water poses more health risks than federal water regulators currently acknowledge.It is the major cause of Flint’s lead contamination crises. As WATCH Water® has proved in the last five years, we have the best media to remove Too Much Iron , and at the same time Too Much Manganese in the water. Katalox-Light is part of a production in America, doesn’t sound bad for First American Media to remove both Iron and Manganese including Hydrogen Sulfide. Katalox-Light will save over 120 million Americans from drinking “Iron and Manganese, which both possess a significant public health threat”. Bacteria like Legionella, which causes Legionella Disease, can be seen in Flint’s water crisis starting 2014.

There are over 1000 Communities Across the US with 4x the Lead Poisoning of Flint, Michigan

“Lead is unsafe at any level” (read more)

Moving Forward: Contaminants Removal, where all conventional treatment methods have failed, wasting millions of dollars and further complicating the communities’ access to clean drinking water. Manganese coated products are frequently used to remove excessively high amount of Manganese and Iron whereas conventional media’s have failed. Katalox-Light does not require any dosing of chemicals.

Dosing chlorine is creating harmful disinfection by products (trihalomethans). Therefore, all conventional water treatment can be a disaster for communities.


We all know Calcium and Magnesium along with high quality water is essential for Good health. But did you know high sodium from water softeners can cause hypertension, high blood pressure and medical costs. Watch-Water® will manufacture the world's No.1 Anti-scale media. Filtersorb SP3 which has saved “Most houses across the world having hard water without adding any sodium into the water”. Therefore, a scale prevention system can be a good investment to protect your pipes as well as your appliances which utilizes water. A scale prevention system does not remove calcium and magnesium from hard water which is very essential for your health. Filtersorb SP3 system requires no sodium chloride (salt). In the USA, 85% of the country has hard water.Alongside, manufacturing of Filtersorb SP3 in America is very important for us to move forward for clean drinking water for America.

We are announcing the opening of Watch-Water® Production in USA with the following products




31, October 2016: "Your Water Need Your Help!"

Watch-Water® News...Your Water Need Your Help

Too much salt discharge, finding its way to our lakes and streams. Not only does the salt that we put on streets, parking lots and sidewalks in the winter get washed into our lakes, streams and parks, but salt from your water softener eventually end up in your drinking water too. Salts (sodium) and (chlorides) in water is bad for the human’s, bad for the fishes and the beautiful plants in the parks, lakes and streams.
Water softeners contribute over 60% of the salt that every city receive daily in their wastewater. Region of Waterloo and city of Guelph financed ground breaking research into the performance of Nucleation Assisted Crystallization. (NAC) .

06, October 2016: "WATERWORKS TO GO"

Watch-Water® News...WATERWORKS TO GO


“Thousands have lived without love, no one without WATER” W.H. Auden.

1.8 billion people around the world don't have access to safe water and 2.4 billion lack access to adequate sanitation. Women and children spend more than 4 hours walking for water each day, and more than 840,000 people die each year from water-related diseases.

We're here to change that. Because we care!!!

For us, it isn't just about building and designing the advanced waterworks, highly advanced and safe products for water treatment etc. Our goal is to create long-lasting water infrastructure by working with different organization, government people and business leaders.

To fulfill the dream of serving people, we put our 40 years of expertise and spend around 3 months in only designing the most advanced, compact and durable waterworks, which can be pack in a small box, can be install in a very small place and can serve the safest, cleanest and disinfected water to the communities.



We feel very proud by already sending and installing 8 waterworks to Vietnam. At the moment we are earning the blessing everyday by the people of Hanoi City, Vietnam, as they are getting served by our waterworks with clean and safe water without any organics and hazards substances. And these blessing and trust of the people is our profit.

We are very happy and pleased to announce the remarkable order we got for the same 20,000 waterworks from all round the world. As this is the best opportunity for us to serve the people with clean and safe water..

Our waterworks design is based on long term need and long lives. We do not want to be there forever, but want these waterworks and our service to last for the generations to come.