Titanium dioxide based high capacity Adsorbent media

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Highest Arsenic Loading


Operates in wider pH range


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Not only can TITANSORB granules help split water in H+ and OH-, it can also make water filter Adsorbent hydrophilic – allowing water to flow easily through it, while adsorbing Arsenic, Lead, Selenium and other foreign contaminants, including bacteria making it perfect for purifying water. Thus a new super high capacity (adsorption) powered Adsorbent is developed. With the worlds’ Population expected to hit 8.3 billion by 2030, there will be a massive increase in the Global Demand for Adsorbents. All water and food need Arsenic, Lead, Selenium free drinking water. (See report on Global Adsorbent Market and Watch-Water is one of the major Adsorbent manufacturer.)




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Titanium Dioxide


Titanium dioxide is a widely available compound that can be mined from minerals in the ground and is commonly found in food as whitening additives and in sunblock products. TITANSORB a new advanced Wonder Adsorbent that can remove Arsenic (III & V), Antimony, Cadmium, Copper, Chromium (VI), Lead, Zinc, Selenium, Uranium and many other heavy metals and produces Clean-Water. With its superior bacteria killing capabilities, it can also be used to kill bacteria in water. Watch-Water have succeeded in developing a high capacity, revolutionary Adsorbent that can do all the above mentioned at very low cost compared to other Titanium-oxide based existing technology. This breakthrough, which has taken Watch-Water five years to develop the Double Capacity Titanium dioxide crystals into Patented Adsorbent. TITANSORB, such a low cost Adsorbent is expected to have immense potential to help tackle on going Global Adsorbent Market in Arsenic and Environmental issues of Arsenic Removal.