Arsenic Removal

High capacity Arsenic removal systems at low cost


Arsenic Chemistry for Arsenic Removal

Arsenic Species
As (III) – H3AsO3, H2AsO3-1, HAsO3-2
As (V) – H3AsO4, HAsO4-1, AsO4-2

Arsenic Species
As (V) is more effectively removed than As (III) but this is the case by most of the Adsorbents.

Arsenic Occurrence
Most of the surface waters as they get enough oxygen the Arsenic is predominantly As (V)
Lack of oxygen in Ground waters are usually found with As (III). But some times they can be as As (V) or a combination of both As (III) and As (V).

Here are the table of the products that can address the Arsenic removal for industrial or municipal application:

Media name

Media composition

Removal process


Estimated media replacement

Katalox Light

High content MnO2 coated ZEOSORB

adsorption with precipitated iron hydroxide

Iron in the inlet water* (min. x20 times the As conc.)

in 7-10 years

Catalytic Carbon

Feroxyhyte coated GAC


Best recommendation pH 6.5 - 6.9

in 2-5 years (regenerable)


Titanium dioxide based adsorbent

adsorption (highest loading capacity)

Best recommendation pH 6.5 - 6.9 (to avoid silica interference)

in 8-18 months (depending on contaminants)


Iron hydroxide based adsorbent


Best recommendation pH 6.5 - 6.9

in 8-18 months (depending on contaminants)

See combined use of Katalox-Light & Catalytic Cabron for Arsenic Removal