Method of Treating Oilfield Water

RED- A Catalyst

OXY-An Oxidizer

Watch Wate's Red-Oxy® process and system that can be used to treat any kind of water or waste water and remove Hydrogen sulfide in the produced water is the most advanced process in oilfield industry; Used oilfield water contains large amount of hydrogen sulfide is guaranteed using Red-Oxy® process. After removing Hydrogen sulfide with Red-Oxy® water can be reused because it isn't toxic, corrosive and flammable; Big advantage of using the Red-Oxy® oxidation process is, absolute Green Chemical oxidizer.Red-Oxy® does not contain any chlorine; chlorine dioxide as the chlorine have a complex chemistry with H2S. Example reaction between chlorine and Hydrogen sulfide include,

H2S + ClO2 → HCl + H2SO4 + S0
H2S + ClO2 + NaOH → H2SO4 + NaCl + HCl
H2S + HClO2 → H2SO4 + HCl + H2O