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Zeosrb is an Absolute replacement of Sand

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ZEOSORB® has been introduced to the process purification of drinking water and wastewater due to its large specific surface area and the selective adsorption of substances, such as ammonia, dissolved organic matter and many other cations. Moreover, ZEOSORB® has advantageous hydraulic properties, that is - the filtration capacity of large quantities of water. Compared with other adsorbents, ZEOSORB® is more stable, has better filter features, accessible and relatively cheaper.





Based on numerous studies, it can be concluded that ZEOSORB® has great potential as effective adsorbent in numerous processes of purification of drinking water and wastewater, such as water softening, the removal of ammonia (from municipal wastewater, wastewater from livestock farms, the barn manure, water from ponds and swimming pools), the removal of nitrogen, the removal of dissolved organic matter and color, the removal of heavy metals (from natural water, acid mine water, industrial wastewater), the removal of radioactive substances from wastewater, desalination seawater and many others. ZEOSORB® performs as polyfunctional sorbent in the wastewater treatment process and it binds a number of harmful components. However, it does not possess the ability of anions adsorption due to negative charge of its aluminosilicate network. Superficial modification of ZEOSORB®, by means of organic modifiers, allows partial neutralization of negative charge of external surface of ZEOSORB® media.

Physical filtration barriers for accumulation or collection of microorganisms in water that endanger human health have been in focus during the last several years. ZEOSORB® will be an ideal collector of pathogens such as giardia, cryptosporidium and other bacteria and their spores. Most of these organisms and their spores are in the size range of 0.5 - 10 micrometers (microns). In contrast, the water permeable pores in ZEOSORB® are mostly smaller than .05 microns; therefore the ZEOSORB® fragment or granule can "surface collect" a high percentage of these microorganisms while the water passes through the ZEOSORB® fragment. All drinking water standards for microorganism pathogens and turbidity can be most easily met using a natural, relatively low-cost material, such as ZEOSORB® rather than "sand" which is chiefly quartz grains.


ZEOSORB is a high-purity filter media that
Ensures many advantages
Over conventional granular,
Sand, anthracite, multimedia and
Other filter media products for
Removal of suspended particles and Turbidity.
Backwash cycles and labor costs are reduced.



Best Features


• Better Filtrate Clarity
• Increased flow rate in gravity System
• Increased flow rate in pressure vessel systems
• Lower capital requirement to increase Filtration Capacity
• Fewer Backwash cycles
• Less Backwash water
• Greater Loading due to greater surface area
• Long media bed life
• Land application of spent ZEOSORB media
• Simpler Handling
• Better Cleaning







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