Leachate Black Out  

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Two-stage Treatment of Landfill Leachate is named BLACK OXY-LbyWatch-Water®Mannheim, Germany. Every Landfilling of waste leads to the production of Leachate which usually has a very high BOD and COD together with high amount of Heavy metals, Inorganics and organic halides . Leachate contains high amount of Nitrogen, Phosphates, Ammonia and Hydrogen Sulfides. All this and contaminants make the color of water Black and Jet Black. Many factors determine the quality and composition of Leachate-waste types, disposal methods, construction and the age of the landfill and climatic/seasonal effects being amongst the most important.



Features & Benefits

♦ Reduces all Pollutants and contaminants
♦ Meets local water discharge legislation
♦ Treat all types of leachate
♦ Most cost effective technology with minimum space requirement
♦ One step BlackOxy mixing Black + Oxy onsite treatment reduce costs treat all kinds of Leachate without pre-treatment, reduce costs.
♦ Treat all kinds of Leachate with pre-treatment
♦ Very simple, very safe
♦ Reduce Ammonia and Hydrogen sulfide smell
♦ Lowest operating costs for Leachate treatment
♦ The only true zero Liquid Discharge Technology
♦ Treat Organics and Inorganics in the same process
♦ Treat industrial wastewater
♦ 100% Biological treatment, with nitrification/denitrification process, generation of harmless, organically-based Oxygen and Nitrogen forms
♦ Membrane Technology is an Unjustified waste of money
♦ And high concentrates of Reverse-Osmosis organic strengths can persist for at least several decades




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