Cleaning Agent

Bio-Degradable Catalyzed Acid for De-Scaling

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Costly Downtime for Cleaning and Scale Removal

Only 5% of Green Acid can remove severe calcite scale, gypsum, calcium phosphate and calcium oxalate scales just in few minutes. Green Acid can de-rust any equipments made of any metals because it contains the best Biodegradable corrosion inhibitor.

Stop using traditional dirty strong mineral acids like Hydrochloric acid (HCl), Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) or Phosphorus acids. These acids have destroyed the world environments. Green Acid is a product well suited to every application because it is a very strong which contains Scale Inhibitors, Corrosion Inhibitors including Trace Color to take the maximum efficiency from its strength, while it’s not corrosive and safest to handle than any traditional acids in the market. This acid can de-scale any thing! Anything you just want neat and clean, fast and safe without damaging your and your future generations environment. And now Green Acid is available to water treatment industry!


Best Features

Low toxicological risk

Does not contribute to eutrophication

100% Biodegradable formulation

Odor free

No gas phase corrosion

Chemically stable




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The Fastest De-scaling Solution

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Cleaning + Disinfecting Industrial Water Systems

Cooling Water and Boiler Water Systems

SCALE-OVER increases solubility of Calcium phosphate or sulfate. This offers more flexibility to suit any application. Stronger solutions can be used to increase reaction rates without precipitating out salts such as gypsum and apatite. SCALE-OVER can dissolve more scale into solution than any other de-scaler in the world.


Best Features






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Cleaning + Disinfecting Industrial Water Systems

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