Oxidation Agent For Waste Water Treatment  
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Watch-Water® a leader in Advanced Oxidation technologies for all contaminated water’s introduces; “WhiteOxy” Catalysed Oxidizer for Chemical Oxidation of organics, hydrocarbons including heavy duty waste water. By design, WhiteOxy simplifies the activated oxygen process to reduces costs and handling by offering all environmental professionals a new, two in one regent without a built-in-activator. There is no hazardous chemical involved in this process, and its performance is equivalent to the first treatment with REDOXY & BlackOxy. In the field, the material is easily sprayed over the contaminated area using common Granules Dozers or spraying tools.




♦ Adsorption of nutrients to enhance biodegradation
♦ Supplying oxygen for 365 days a year
♦ For this paricular application only injection of WhiteOxy a proprietary formulation of Watch-Water Germany, Mannheim will solve any oxygen problem for 365 days a year. A total volume of 50 grams per cubic meter of contaminated water will be sprayed, which is capable of destroying target contaminants at any sort of water or waste water including soil & sludge.
♦ The high quality water of any state (in the world) will be maitained. That smell, odor, which is distrubing for people will be removed. The water quality will be dramatically better.
♦ The purpose of using RedOxy or BlackOxy followed by White Oxy is to accelerate and clean water problems caused by waste water or other contaminants discharge for the health benefits of (people of the country), state village or community.
♦ WhiteOxy is the best practicable and assure protection of water quality




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